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Proof of eligibility

Please produce one of these documents upon arrival, this entitles up to two persons, each paying the concessionary rate. The consessionary rate for your chosen ticket will appear in the ticket options where applicable.

Senior Rate?

A senior rate is not available for Dinosaur and Farm Park.

For the avoidance of doubt, seniors do not qualify for the concessions rate.

To avoid additional charges at the gate, please do not select the concessions rate unless you have proof of eligibility, as listed in the concessions section above.

A Guide For Guests with Special Needs

Please download our information sheet which gives guests with special needs information regarding the accessibility of all rides on the park. If further information is required please speak to a member of staff in our Guest Relations office.

If you are the carer reading this for or on behalf of a guest, please note that the decision whether or not they should ride or if they should be accompanied on the ride is yours. Our staff are not trained to judge the physical suitability of an individual. We will assume that if you allow them to go on to a ride (accompanied or otherwise) they are physically capable of doing so.


Discounted Entry

To be eligible for the concessionary discounted entry rate you will need to provide one of the following documents:

  • MAX Card
  • MOD 90 ID Card
  • Blue Badge
  • Blue Light Card
  • NHS Badge/Identification

DLA or PIP letter (together with photo ID of the person named within the letter).

We strongly advise that all guests with special needs are accompanied when ever possible on every ride.
For more information please call our Hotline on 01925 444 888.